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English BY camp

English BY camp

BELNATE conference,October-2021. Presentations of the speakers

Session 1 - : englishBYcamp - -

Session 2 Organisation of the environment at English day camps - Inna Tokarivich

Session 3 A camp counsellor as a new role of an educator at camp - Viktoriya Ramanenka

Session 4 -

Session 5 - : -

Session 6 4 -

Session 7 -

Session 8 -

Session 9 15 , -

If you want to see more join englishBYcamp - YouTube, or:

Speaker agreed to share their presentations.

Camp counsellor training - with english BY camp - Winter 2021-2022

16 schoolteachers of English from Belarus participated in the intensive online camp counsellor training (9 hours). They were introduced to the basics of organizing English day camps in their schools and were gifted with themed programmes for their camps.2.


During the winter school holidays, 19 English day camps were organized in different regions of Belarus where about 200 campers aged 11-15 participated.

Most camps were organized around the Camp Winter programme, designed by the english BY camp team.

Campers went on a mission of collecting traditions from around the world to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

a couple of photos / videos

Song - Santa Claus is coming to town -

Dance with Chinese fans -

Slideshow -