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Главная » NEWS » 17. 02. 2024

II Eurasian Scientific and Practical Conference

The II Eurasian Scientific and Practical Conference is dedicated to the issues of forming modern humanitarian knowledge in the Eurasian space.

The aim of the conference is to intensify the exchange of information and experience among young and renowned scholars from Eurasian countries, to establish a Eurasian scientific humanitarian community that contributes to the development of humanitarian research in Eurasia and beyond in the fields of linguistics, translation studies, didactics, linguacultural studies, and pedagogy. The conference program includes the following directions:

  • Eurasian Perspective on the Multipolarity of Contemporary Linguistic Research.
  • Current Issues in Linguodidactics in Modern Eurasia.
  • Pedagogical Potential of Foreign Language Education in the Eurasian Space.
  • Eurasian Linguistic Diversity in Linguacultural Studies and Intercultural Communication.
  • Linguistic and Didactic Aspects of Translation in the Eurasian Context.
  • Eurasian Studies: Traditions and Innovations in Contemporary Pedagogy.
  • Young Scholar Platform: A New Perspective on the Issues of Contemporary Philological and Methodological Research in Eurasian Society.

The conference invites faculty members of higher education institutions, translators, teachers and instructors of foreign languages and Russian as a foreign language from secondary and secondary vocational educational institutions, graduate students, master's students, and undergraduate students.

Conference language: Russian, English.

Date of the conference: April 17, 2024.

Venue: Republic of Belarus, 220070, Minsk, 26 Partizansky Ave.

Conference format: in-person and remote.


Applications for participation in the conference will be accepted until April 5, 2024. REGISTER

Following the conference, an electronic collection of scientific papers (indexed in RSCI) is planned to be published.

Publication in the collection is free of charge.

The deadline for submitting article texts is April 30, 2024, to the email

The author is responsible for the correctness of the provided quotations, names, titles, and other information.